Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't Be That Broke College Student

Don’t Be That Broke College Student

By Brianna Buske

            Ever wonder where your money is going when your bank account keeps getting lower and lower? Eating is obviously a necessity to life, but many people don’t realize how much money they sometimes spend on food, especially buying groceries. You run to the grocery store because you have hardly any food in your fridge and end up buying way more than you needed. I have a few simple points for you to follow from to make sure you are eating well and saving money at the same time.
            The first important tip to follow is to plan out what you are going to eat for the week before you head to the grocery store. Going to the grocery store unprepared is always a bad idea. You end up spending way more money than you wanted, and it takes more time because you don’t know what you should buy ahead of time. Make sure to look at what foods you already have enough of at home; then make a list of the things you actually need.
            A second point you should know about is that the easy, convenient, pre-made food almost always is more expensive than the food where you have to do the work. You know those easy, tasty frozen dinners you like to eat? They cost a lot more and are definitely not as healthy as making your own dinner from scratch. Take the time to buy the raw ingredients, and your wallet will be thanking you.
            You’ve had casseroles and pot roasts before, right? They are so delicious, and the best part is their leftovers last forever! My third tip is to make a big dish that will last you all week. You can even double or triple the recipe to make it last even longer. This will save you lots of time and also money. You can just pull your leftovers out of the fridge instead of getting fast food or having something delivered.
            A final point I have for you has to deal with eating at restaurants. It is no exaggeration to state that eating out at restaurants can get pretty pricey. If you really feel the need to go out to eat, try splitting a meal with someone; they always give you more than you can eat anyway. This will cut your bill in half! Also, even though that pop, lemonade, or smoothie sounds like such a treat, try to stick with just water. It’s healthier and won’t add any money to your bill.
            Do you like what you are hearing? Want to learn more about how to save up your money, not only with food, but about other things as well? Come to my program on finances on Monday, February 11th at 1:15 pm in Tower 87 Conference Room or Tuesday, February 12th at 11:45 am in Tower’s Intercultural Center to learn more and to participate in a fun activity! We will discuss how unhealthy food isn’t always cheaper, buying the latest trends doesn’t make you cooler, going big isn’t always the smart thing to do, and saving up now will only benefit you later. Snacks and prizes will be provided, but you will take away much more than that from it. You will become an expert on how to be the money savvy person you always wanted to be!