Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There is No Time like the Pleasant” Challenge Winners

From L to R: Nikki Schutte, William Leino, Barbara King, and Paula McGrew

As the ever stressful and hectic holiday season came to a close, so did our WELLU faculty and staff challenge, “There is No Time like the Pleasant!” Throughout this challenge, participants were rewarded points for setting aside time for themselves to complete and track 7 possible relaxation activities. From the 60 plus faculty and staff that took part in this challenge, 20 individuals recorded at least 100 points and 11 individuals recorded at least 200 points! Ironically enough, three individuals tied for 2nd place with an outstanding 217 points. These stress-free participants are William Leino, Paula McGrew, and Nikki Schutte. Landing in first place, just one point ahead of the others at 218 points, was Barbara King. Barbara plans to purchase a new iPod Mini with her prize money! Be sure to congratulate our challenge winners, and keep an eye open for future WELLU faculty and staff challenges that can be found at!