Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The INS and OUTS of Student Health Services

Deep within the many entrances and locked doors of Somers Hall lies Student Health Services. Although the accessibility of the freshmen dorms provides security and privacy for the students that visit, SHS is often lost or ignored, and some people are unaware that the service even exists! To counter this problem, we thought we’d provide a bit of recognition for what Student Health Services does within our CSS community.

Similar to a small nursing clinic, Student Health Services provides care to the medical needs of students ranging from wellness to both illness and injury. Students can utilize SHS for just about anything that they would seek out urgent care for. In fact, SHS provides comprehensive, high quality medical care for a bargain in that it is more convenient and less costly than other options. Although it is a student clinic, Student Health Services offers yearly tuberculosis tests as well as a flu shot clinic to CSS faculty and staff. Faculty and staff should also feel free to stop by, call, or email any staff member with questions about Student Health Services. SHS is composed of a group of loyal staff members that genuinely love what they do. Take a look at the biographies below to get to know the lovely ladies in Student Health Services!

L to R: Christine Sandal, Lori Malander, LeeAnn Nelsen, Jennifer Robertson, Vicki Andrews, and Kristen Regas
Christine Sandal: An RN from the Twin Cities that has been at CSS for 1.5 years. Her favorite cartoon is "Bugs Bunny," her favorite animals are dogs and otters, and she enjoys anything outdoors!
Lori Malander: A Billing Specialist from Virginia, MN that has been at CSS for 22 years. Her favorite season is fall, and she enjoys cooking, cleaning, and even four-wheeling!
LeeAnn Nelsen: An RN from Duluth that has been at CSS for 11 years. Her favorite animal is a cat, her favorite season is summer, and she enjoys fitness, antiquing, and traveling with her husband!
Jennifer Robertson: An Administrative Assistant from the Duluth area that has been at CSS for almost 2 years. Her favorite season is summer, her favorite cartoon is "Phineas and Ferb," and she enjoys walking her dogs!
Vicki Andrews: A Nurse Practitioner from Duluth that has been at CSS for half a year. Her favorite animal is a polar bear, the last movie she saw in theaters was "Cloud Atlas" (unfortunately), and she enjoys winter camping in the BWCA!
Kristen Regas: An RN from Rhode Island that has been at CSS for 1 year. Her favorite cartoon is "Family Guy," the last movie she saw was "Silver Linings Playbook," and she enjoys watching movies and swimming!