Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Proof that Individuals 50 Years and Older Benefit from Strength Training!

Vicki Zeman
About 5 years ago, Vicki Zeman, the academic coordinator for professional practice experiences in HIM, began learning about how the human body changes with age. After seeing an advertisement for the WELLU’s Shape Up program, she made the decision to sign up for an assessment. Later, Vicki began working with exercise physiology students who helped tailor a workout for her that she could do from home. When her organized sessions came to a close, Vicki wasted no time and began strength training from home regularly, right away. Although her actions were motivated by the desires to stay in shape and not gain weight, she found that she experienced many benefits as a result of her routine workouts. After just a short period of time, Vicki noticed many positive changes! She found herself feeling better both physically and mentally, and she even saw improvements in her posture. Vicki claims that her “aha” moment came when she was helping her mom put up her Christmas tree. She carried the tree up the stairs all by herself with no problem! While moments such as these put a smile on her face, Vicki has found that strength training has allowed her to do pretty much anything she wants to do physically. Perhaps her favorite benefit is the fact that Vicki accomplished a seemingly impossible task of cutting down one pant size without losing a pound! According to Vicki, it doesn't take much work to make a difference, and the benefits are well worth it.

Has regular strength training positively impacted your lifestyle as well? If so, please share with us by posting a comment below!