Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February WELLU Award of Achievement Winners!

CSS Women's Hockey Coach, Jackie MacMillan and CSS Student, Jenna Stauffer

As head coach of the CSS Women's Hockey team, Jackie MacMillan (left) motivates and encourages her team to live out a healthy, well-balanced life. Setting aside the fact that she has completed two Iron Man triathlons, she also eats healthy and regularly attends church. To maintain emotional balance, Jackie sets personal goals for herself and tries to find a positive in every situation that she encounters. There is no denying that Jackie deserves this award.

CSS student, Jenna Stauffer (right), does not struggle to stay active. As a cross country runner, a track athlete, and a cross country skier, it seems that Jenna just can't get enough sports in her life! Friends claim that Jenna loves the outdoors, and that she also participates in a number of athletic activities with OP. Looking past physical fitness, Jenna promotes a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods on a daily basis.