Monday, December 3, 2012

WELLU Award of Achievement WINNERS for December!

LeeAnn Nelsen from Student Health Services and 

CSS Graduate Student Marshall Kraker

All of her coworkers claim that LeeAnn is an absolute pleasure to work with. In order to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, LeeAnn takes time out of her busy schedule to run regularly. Similarly, LeeAnn starts each day off the same with a tall glass of water to help fuel her body and provide energy for the day. She encourages healthy habits to her peers and to each of the students she graciously takes care of in her role at Student Health Services.

Before coming to Duluth to begin his graduate program here at CSS, Marshall lost over 30 pounds! To achieve this goal, he rode his bike routinely and lifted religiously.  In addition to this, Marshall moved to a safer neighborhood and was welcomed by wonderful neighbors. To relieve stress, he purchased a piano and began doing something he loved. Being physically healthy aids his mental, emotional, and spiritual health which has proved increasingly important since recently going through a heart breaking relationship.  Instead of hitting the bottle, Marshall chose to hit the gym more and play the piano twice as much. Pretty motivating if you ask us!