Monday, December 31, 2012

Are you looking for a fresh start?

The beginning of a new year is a time many people decide to look forward to what is to come and set goals to improve their lives.  Below are a few tips to help you reach your goals and be one of the 50% of people that achieve their New Year's resolutions!
First develop an action plan.
An action plan is a one page summary of what you intend to do.  Your action plan should look at past behavior and it may be helpful to use the SMART goal format.  
SMART goals are Specific and simple, Measurable and meaningful, Attainable and achievable, Relevant and results oriented, and Timely and trackable.  For example, I will meditate three times a week for 10-15 minutes before going to class/work.  I will keep a meditation log to track when and where I meditate and how I feel after I meditate.  
Once you have your goal it is time to develop your strategy.  This is how you will accomplish your goal.  For example, I will wake up 10 to 15 minutes earlier three times a week so I will be able to meditate.  It is also helpful to develop the rationale for why this goals is important to you. For example, it is important to me to meditate because it helps me be more productive and feel better through out the day.
Next, you can take the time to map out the first few steps (with a timeline) you will take to reach your goal and put your steps into action!
WELL U offers many programs and resources to help you reach your goals.  For more information go to WELL U .  For more information about goal setting go to Mind Tools

Best Regards to you in the New Year!